Hi-Ho Lounge Talent

Itinerary for Hi-Ho Lounge

  • 1pm-2pm DragPunks! perform
  • 3pm-4pm Bronze Comet performs

About the DragPunks!


The DragPunks! are a collection of drag kings and queens that are heavily influenced by Steampunk, Cosplay, Fantasy, and Lolita culture among many others will be performing at 1pm at Hi-Ho Lounge for the 2018 CorsetCon. We implement influences from all of these cultures into our performances. Troupe Leader Nicki Nicolai started the DragPunks! as a closing number for the Louisiana Steampunk Festival’s closing act at the Steampunk Masquerade Soiree. At this event the DragPunks! were a huge hit and the group decided to try their hands at performing at other convention and festivals around Louisiana. They are a massive hit wherever they go and leave audiences wanting more and more.


Troupe Leader Nicki Nicolai has won the Title of Queen GLASS (Giving Love, Acceptance, Safety and Support) and is an activist for HIV/AIDS Awareness and LGBTQ+ Rights in Lafayette, Louisiana. Purgatory is our Troupe Hostess and is a shock, horror, and comedic drag queen. She is a founding member of the DragPunks! and is also our Troupe Hairstylist. She likes to employ horror and comedy in her performances. Most performances leave her audiences scared but laughing. Blake is our newest performing member, but she has been our Stage Manager and Designer since day one. Her first time performing with the DragPunks! was at CyPhaCon 2018 where she brought the crowd to their feet. The DragPunks! are excited to bring their unique brand of drag to the Hi-Ho Lounge and CorsetCon!

About Bronze Comet

On May 12th at 3pm Bronze Comet, a New Orleans-based band, will perform here at Hi-Ho Lounge for their album launch as part of the 2018 CorsetCon event. Bronze Comet blends zany, sci-fi/fantasy theatrics with high energy spaced-out garage-punk riffs. The group often uses costuming and mixed media, including projections, strange synth sounds and fog machines to accentuate imaginative narratives peppered with half rock/half spoken word style vocals. Bronze Comet is currently set to release their debut LP, “Bronze Comet vs. The Scrapyard Robots”: a concept piece, styled in the manner of space adventure comic books, that chronicles a story of a fleet of clandestine astronauts who crash land on an asteroid in uncharted space, upon which they battle hordes of robots crafted from random junk in search of the robots’ creator, and ultimately their escape. The album will be purchasable inside Hi-Ho Lounge during their show so do not miss this exciting event!

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